Get an overview of prices, modules and services

Get an overview of prices and modules

Price Model for CleanManager

You only pay for what you use

You only pay for what you actually use with CleanManager. We believe this is a fair solution, as all organisations, no matter their size, have equal opportunities of getting started with CleanManager and getting an easier working day.

We want everyone to have a fair chance and that is why we do not have a startup fee. You pay a monthly fee that is regulated every third month concurrently with the amount of registered employees that you have added to CleanManager. The regulation also means that the price for using CleanManager drops, if you need to lay off employees. A one-man organisation can thus settle with the base module for just - per month. This makes CleanManager available for everyone in the cleaning industry.

Price model - This is how our prices work

You pay a price for the base module of - per month, which gives you access to CleanManager and the opportunity to manage your entire organisation.

You also pay a price based on the amount of employees and inspectors that are registered in the cleaning system. All prices are per month excl. VAT and are quaterly drawn.



Your price depends on the size of your organisation

- /month

Employee without access

  • Planning the employees working day
  • Printing of weekly timesheets for the employee
  • Messages to employees
  • Calculate payroll based on the industry agreement
- /month

Employee with access

  • View working hours and places
  • Insight into cleaning plans
  • Registration of working hours
  • Ordering cleaning supplies
- /month

Supervisor with access

  • Planning of cleaning tasks
  • Handling unmanned tasks
  • Administration of customers/employees
  • Creating cleaning plans
- /month

Customer with access

  • Increased insight into the performance of cleaning
  • Overview of cleaning days
  • Access to reading cleaning contracts
  • The possibility to comment on tasks

Calculate Your Price

Find out what CleanManager will cost you with our price calculator

Quantity Price per unit Total
Base module 1 - -
Supervisor with access
1 -
Employee without access 10 -
Employee with access 5 -
Add-On Modules
 App and Time Tracking -
 Service agreements -
 Payroll export -
 Text Messaging
 Quality Control -
Total 0

Add-On Modules

Get an overview of all add-on modules


Get a complete overview of start and finishing times, tasks and cleaning time with the 'Check-in' module. You can also maintain good documentation with photos of your service through the CleanManager app for the customer with the module. Furthermore, your employees can give you a message directly, when they are in need of cleaning products. This puts you one step ahead and ensures a high cleaning quality.

Price: -/month

Service agreements

Easy management and invoicing of service agreements with direct integration to e-conomic. The module does all your invoicing in just a minute, giving you more time for other important tasks. We believe that invoicing should be easy and quick – and we have made it so.

Price: -/month

Export to salary system

With the payroll export module, you can handle all payroll calculations with one click, and you do not have to spend many hours on manual work every month. CleanManager automatically calculates salary based on your entered information and therefore includes overtime, allowances and rates. The module has direct integration with the most common payroll systems.

Price: -/month

Text Messaging

The 'Text messaging' module enables you to send text messages to one or more employees directly from CleanManager. This ensures an easy and effective communication in case you need to deliver a message concerning your organisation.

Price: -/month
Price per text message: -

Quality Control

You can develop and customise as many reports as you want to with the 'Reports' module. This could, for example, be quality reports, satisfaction surveys, questionnaires, workplace assessments, etc. The reports are made specifically through CleanManager, where you can easily and clearly customise the reports to your needs.

Price: -/month

Cost Estimation

With the Cost estimation module (CleanCalculator) you get the correct cost estimation, so that you have control over the contribution margin and can prove that your price is correct. CleanCalculator also automatically generates all documents (cost estimation, room data, cleaning plans, service contracts, etc.). CleanCalculator can be used separately without the basic module.

Price: -/month

Extra storage space

You receive 200 MB storage space when you order the base module of CleanManager for storing files like contracts, workplace assessments, etc. This is plenty for most organisations, but if you have a need for more storage space, then it is possible to order additional storage space for your subscription.

Up to 200 MB: Free

Up to 2 GB: -/month

Over 2 GB: -/month


Find out how much you can save by investing in one or more of CleanManager's cleaning modules.

The numbers in the ROI-calculator are based on customer statements from users of CleanManager.

Number of employees
Number of customers

Based on the above information about numbers of employees and customers, we ask of you to fill-in the time spent on invoicing, salary calculation and planning.

Task Estimated number of hours spent Amount of hours spent each month
Salary calculation

Savings per month


Cost savings for an entire year: 0 EUR

Other Services

We offer a wide range of acquisitional services

Support by phone and e-mail

Telephone and email support (for a named administrative staff member)


Import of existing data into CleanManager

Import of existing data (customers, employees, storages and work plans in valid file format)

Price: -

Online introductory course in the use of CleanManager

Duration: 5 hours

Price: -

NFC tags

Purchase of a minimum of 25 pcs.

Price: -/unit

Consultant hours

Hourly rate for consultation hours, in connection with supervision or the like.

Price: -

Online lessons in CleanManager

Hourly rate for online training in the use of CleanManager

Price: -

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