Easily Understandable Cleaning Plans for Your Cleaning Business  

Do your employees make cleaning mistakes because you speak different languages? Avoid misunderstandings - create a cleaning plan in CleanManager and change the language with a single click.

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How to Perform the Cleaning Correctly

Make it easy for your employees to clean correctly and ensure a high cleaning quality. In CleanManager, you can create cleaning plans, which are easy to understand for your employees. All cleaning tasks are shown with descriptions and icons that illustrate clearly where and how the cleaning should be performed.

Preview a cleaning plan example

CleanManager cleaning plan
CleanManager cleaning plan
CleanManager cleaning plan
CleanManager cleaning plan
multi-language cleaning plan
multi-language cleaning plan

Do You and Your Employees Speak Different Languages?

How do you train your employees if you don’t speak the same language? When you make a cleaning plan in CleanManager, you can change the language of all standard texts with a single click. Create the cleaning plan in English and then later change the language to e.g. German, Lithuanian, or Ukrainian.

Updated Cleaning Plans Available at Any Time and Place

With online cleaning plans, you avoid having to hand out new plans every time you make a change. If a customer wants an additional service, you can add it to your cleaning plan, and your change can immediately be seen online by all relevant employees.

Read more about the CleanManager App

Cleaning plan app
Cleaning plan app
Cleaning plan app
Weekly Cleaning Schedules
Weekly Cleaning Schedules

Weekly Cleaning Schedules

The toilets must be cleaned every day, but vacuuming is only required on Fridays. With a weekly cleaning schedule, your employees can see what to clean on each day of the week. The weekly cleaning schedules can be viewed online and are also printable.

With CleanManager, you can either create custom cleaning plans based on our templates or build them from scratch. Save your own templates and edit the cleaning plan as often as needed. You can add description texts and icons to all cleaning task and as such illustrate clearly where and how the tasks have to be performed.

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More Features You Get With CleanManager

customer and staff management
Customer and staff management
workhours overview
Workhours overview
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Reminders and messages
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Keys and codes
cleaning supply storage
Storage management

Free Personal Customer Support

If you have any questions about our cleaning plans, our support is ready to help you in person within our opening hours. You can also take a look at our helpful online guides in our supportcenter, available for free 24/7.

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