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Share information with your employees easily and keep track of their time and attendance with the CleanManager app.
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Features in the CleanManager app

time tracking app
Employee Time Tracking
timesheet cleaner
Schedule / Timesheet
share files in app
File Sharing
travel time and holiday
Travel Time and Holiday Requests
Photo proof for cleaning
Prove With Photos
cleaning supply storage
Products and Data Sheets

Keep Track of Work Hours and Attendance

In the CleanManager app, your employees clock in and out of their cleaning tasks, so you can see how much time they use on each task. For an extra proof of attendance, attach one of our NFC tags on the location. The tag has a build-in antenna that is scanned with the cleaner’s smartphone and, as such, guarantees that the employee has arrived at the workplace on time.

What are NFC tags?

cleanmanager app og nfc
cleanmanager app og nfc
cleanmanager app og nfc
cleanmanager app og nfc
Photo proof for cleaning in app

Prove the Quality of Your Cleaning With Photos

What is better proof of a well-performed cleaning task than a picture? With the CleanManager app, your employees are able to add pictures to their tasks.

The app saves the photos automatically under the rightful task, which not only makes it easy to find them again, but also saves you from wasting time sorting through countless mails and messages with photo attachments.

Use the pictures for before-and-after-cleaning showcases or use them to prove to a customer, that the tasks have been done.

Keep Your Employees Informed in One Place

Do you spend a lot of time organising and distributing timesheets and work schedules to all your employees?

Share the schedules of your employees and give them access to relevant data and documents through the CleanManager app.

Employees can automatically be notified if you make changes to their schedule, while you save the time usually spend on contacting them.

Examples of documents you can share through the app:
  • Employee Manual
  • Work Schedules
  • List of workplaces
  • Addresses
  • Customer’s phone numbers
  • Entry and alarm codes
  • Notes for each workplace
  • Layouts and floor plans
  • Special cleaning instructions
  • Cleaning Plans
  • Links to videos or websites
  • Safety data sheets for cleaning supplies
  • Templates for quality control

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cleanmanager app
cleanmanager app
CleanManager app language options
CleanManager app language options

Maintain Full Control of Your Data

As a manager, you always have full control over which employees have access to the app and which data you wish to share. After the first login, your employees will stay logged in even after closing the app to ensure that they can easily and quickly access their data.

You can at any time remove an employee’s access, and they will immediately be signed out of the app.

Improve Communication With the Language Selection

In the CleanManager app, your employees can switch the language between English, German, Danish or Swedish, and choose the language they each find easiest to understand.

CleanManager app in several languages
CleanManager app in several languages
rengøringsprodukter i cleanmanager appen
rengøringsprodukter i cleanmanager appen
rengøringsprodukter i cleanmanager appen
rengøringsprodukter i cleanmanager appen

Product Orders and Data Sheets in One Place

Tired of all the employee calls and e-mails requesting new cleaning tools and supplies? With CleanManager, they can order the missing articles from you through the app, which gives you a collected list of the total orders and addresses. Upload safety data sheets for the cleaning products in the app, so your employees can find them at any opportune time.

Avoid Unsatisfied Customers and Increase Your Reaction Time

Monitor your employees’ working day with the CleanManager time tracking app and receive an alarm if a cleaning task is not started on time. This gives you the opportunity to contact the employee, find a replacement or do the job yourself, if necessary. Avoid unsatisfied customers and guarantee that the reputation of your cleaning service remains unstained.

Shift alerts and alarms for missed cleaning tasks
Shift alerts and alarms for missed cleaning tasks
Shift alerts and alarms for missed cleaning tasks

Download the CleanManager App

Before you can use the app, you need a login to CleanManager and the module “App and Check-In” must be activated on your subscription.

68% of Our Customers Use the App with Time Tracking

employee time tracking and information exchange

Swift information exchange

Avoid unnecessary phone and mail conversations.

Employee time tracking

Employee time tracking

Attain an accurate hour tracking and avoid miscalculations.

Time usage of cleaning tasks

An overview of all time usage

Get assurance that you are billing and paying for the correct number of hours.

"It has given us an increased confidence. We are now able to overview whether our employees have arrived to their workplaces, and can otherwise check up to make sure that everything is alright."
Berith Fløjborg, Leader of the cleaning service in Kerteminde Kommune

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